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AGCC http://www.agcc.org American Gas Cooling Center 
FETA-BRA http://www.feta.co.uk/bra.html British Refrigeration Association
FETA-HEVAC http://www.feta.co.uk/hevac.html Federation of Environmental Trade Associations of Great Britain
ARI http://www.ari.org/ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
ACCA http://www.acca.org/ Air Conditioning Contractors of America
BUSWORLD http://www.busworld.org BUSWORLD FAIR.
BUS INT'L ASSOC. http://www.busesintl.com/index.html Buses Int'l
http://www.aircondition.com/ The Automotive Air Conditioning Information Server
CNR http://www.cnrexpo.com/tr/default.asp Istanbul FAIR
IKK http://www.ikk-online.com IKK FAIR
http://www.expobus.it/english/index.php BUS & BUS Business FAIR, Verona
IAA http://www.iaa.de/index.php?home&L=1 IAA FAIR

ISA http://www.isa.org/ International Society for Measurement and Control
RSES http://www.interedu.com/RSES/ International Refrigeration Service Engineers Society
IEA http://www.HeatPumpCentre.org/ International Energy Agency
PATENT http://www.european-patent-office.org Patent Registrations
TURKEY  http://www.gksoft.com/govt/en/tr.html Turkish Govt Site
EEC- CEE http://europa.eu.int/ EEC Off Site - Multilingual

ANSI http://www.ansi.org American National Standards Institute
ISO http://www.iso.ch/ ISO
DNV http://www.dnv.no/ DET NORSKE VERITAS
http://autodirectory.com Auto Directory

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News  http://www.bnp.com/news/ Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News 
HVAC/R Directory & Source Guide http://www.bnp.com/hvacr/ HVAC/R Directory & Source Guide 
Refrigeration Service & Contracting http://www.bnp.com/rsc/ Refrigeration Service & Contracting